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Anime Character Of The Week October 2, 2022

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Enma Ai, (Hell Girl)

The anime character of this week is Enma Ai, from the anime and manga series Hellgirl. The background for Hellgirl is this: someone is torturing you and is making your life a living hell. You hear stories about a mysterious website that will send your tormentor to hell for all eternity. At the stroke of midnight, you can gain access to this mysterious site called Hells Correspondence. You type the name of the person you wish to get revenge on. If your request is approved, then Enma Ai (or one of her accomplices) will instantly show up. Next, you are given a straw figure with a string on it (usually red in color). When you pull the string on the straw figure, your tormentor is immediately sent to hell. However, at the end of your life, you are marked to be condemned to hell as well. This is basically Hellgirl in a simple nutshell. What makes this series creepy and interesting at times is how the tormentors are sent to hell. Also, there are times when people don’t pull the string and some interesting backstories of the main characters. In conclusion, even though the storyline seems similar for most of the series, there are some plot twists throughout this series that keep things interested. Definitely check this series out if have never seen this one. Here’s a Wikipedia for more on Hellgirl:

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