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Anime Character Of The Week September 4, 2022

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Yohko (Devil Hunter Yohko)

The anime character for this week is Yohko from the six part OVA series Devil Hunter Yohko, which was released back in 1990 and finished in 1995. The story is about Yohko, a teenage high school student who is trying to find a balance between fighting demons and trying to live a normal life. Yohko is the 108th generation of devil hunters. Her mother would have been the next in line devil hunter if she didn’t get pregnant with Yohko. Also, devil hunters must be pure virgins, which, in the first OVA, there are some very interesting situations that come up which puts Yohko’s virginity to the test. Personally, the first OVA has a interesting combination of horror, comedy, and a transformation sequence of Yohko transforming into the Devil Hunter like Serena transforming into Sailormoon. Throughout the series, Yohko gains a partner to fight the demons, Azusa, who is a devil hunter in training. Azusa is kinda clumsy, but she does help out tremendously when the going gets tough. Btw, Devil Hunter Yohko 4-ever is just a music video compilation. Here is a Wikipedia link for more on this unique anime OVA series:

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