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Anime Character Of The Week August 29,2021

The anime character of the week is Nezuko Kamado from the hit anime, manga and video game series Demon Slayer. Nezuko is the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado. What’s interesting about Nezuko is that, even though she became a demon, she kept some of her human characteristics, even protecting her brother at times. Nezuko is also a very popular character not only in Demon Slayer, but also, many anime fans has ranked her highly as one of the best anime female characters of all times. Here is an excellent fandom about Nezuko:
Convention News

Staying healthy at anime cons this year (and possibly next year as well).

Image: Kakashi Hatake from Naruto.

Over the past few months, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of cases of Covid-19. The strain of the corona virus that is highly contagious now is the Delta variant. From, several conventions are postponing, canceling or going virtual in the next couple of months. While many anime cons are still planning to hold an in person convention (though this is very subject to change), here are some recommended advice you should consider before attending any anime (or large event) conventions:

  • Get fully vaccinated before the con. I know that there are cases out there were some people who were fully vaccinated still got sick with covid. However, from the stories I read, those infected people were able to recover quickly and had mostly mild symptons. Also, getting fully vaccinated gives other con goers (especially con staff) some relief knowing that you are being responsible for your health and the well being of everyone else.
  • Wear a face mask inside the con. Several cons now are making it mandatory that you wear a face mask inside the building. Outside however, you can take your mask off for photos or photoshoots. However, still practice social distancing and good hygiene.
  • If you are sick or feeling sick, check with the medical staff to see if it is okay for you to stay at the con. If the medical staff considers you a health risk and encourages you to go back home, then ask registration and/or other hotel or staff members for either a refund or to roll over your membership and/or hotel fees to the next con. Believe me, I’m pretty sure that your health is more important than a con. Also, a good con will allow you to roll over your membership and fees for the next con, considering the circumstances everyone is facing now.
  • Finally, if you feel uncomfortable going to any cons right now, then consider postponing until next year. I know that many of you (myself included) miss going to cons last year. However, the safety and health of everyone is very important now more than ever. Take care everyone and stay safe and healthy.

Anime Anime Character of the Week

Anime Character Of The Week August 22, 2021

The anime character of this week is Naomi Armitage from the anime, OVA series, and movies Armitage III Polymatrix and Dual Matrix. Armitage is a third. Third’s are humanoid androids which looks, blends in, and acts like real humans. While Armitage is technically an android, she has feelings and emotions just like a real person. Throughout the series, Armitage (voiced by Elizabeth Berkeley in Polymatrix) and her partner Ross Sylibus (Keifer Sutherland also in the Polymatrix movie)  fight not only for their survival, but also to uncover the secret origins of the thirds. This is definitely a classic anime series you really should check out. Btw, the first movie, Polymatrix is basically the OVA’s made into one movie. If you want to know more about some questions that didn’t get answered from the first movie, go back and watch the OVA series.
Anime Anime Character of the Week

Anime Character Of The Week August 15,2021

This weeks anime character of the week is Belldandy from the anime and manga series Ah! My Goddess! (Ah! Megami-Sama in Japanese). What I love about Belldandy is that she is a very loving person and has a very beautiful heart. She is also a goddess first class, which means she can create some incredibly powerful spells. Unfortunately, when Belldandy uses a signficant amount of magical power, she has to fall asleep to recover. There is also more to Belldandy than even she will admit. Belldandy can also become jealous or envious, which surprises even her. Btw, her boyfriend throughout the series is Keiichi Morisato, who is a college student who ends up accidently summoning Belldandy by a wrong telephone number. The way Belldandy became Keiichi’s girlfriend is hilarious and I’m not going to spoil how this happenned (lol). Definitely watch the anime and read the manga series. I highly recommend this classic anime and manga series.
Anime Anime Character of the Week

Anime Character Of The Week August 8, 2021

The anime character of this week is Momo Adachi from the anime and manga Peach Girl. Peach Girl is about the high school life of Momo. Because Momo has tan skin and blond or red hair (depending on the anime or manga version), she is mistakely believed by people to be a ganguro girl who is promiscuous. However, Momo is a really sweet girl who just wants to live a normal life. Here is an excellent fandom page on Momo Adachi. If you haven’t read the manga or watch the anime, definitely give this series a shot. I recommend this one.
Anime Anime Character of the Week

Anime Character Of The Week August 1, 2021

Here’s a real dynamic duo: Minnie May Hopkins (left) and Rally Vincent (right)

The anime character of the week is Rally Vincent from the three part anime ova and manga series Gunsmith Cats. Rally Vincent is a guns expert while her partner Minnie May Hopkins is an explosives expert. What makes Rally Vincent so interesting is the fact that she can tell by feeling a gun if it is loaded on not (from the first OVA episode). Also, Rally can sometimes shot and hit enemies without even seeing them! If you have not watched the Gunsmith Cats OVA or read the manga, I highly recommend checking both out. Also, Rally is in the Riding Bean movie as a partner in crime with Bean Bandit. For more about Rally Vincent, check out this fandom page:

Top 10's Video Gaming

My Top 10 Video Games Babes Of All Times

Throughout my otaku lifestyle, there has been some amazing women in video games. Some of these women look absolutely stunning and can kick butt. Others have a personality that you can’t help but love. This list is my top 10 video game babes of all times. This was not easy, because there are so many beautiful women in video games. So, without further waiting, lets begin:

10. Poison (Final Fight, Street Fighter IV, V)

Poison is smoking hot. Also, consider the fact that she can kick some major butt makes her even more attractive. Despite being a controversial character (based on what you believe in), she earned this spot in my list.

9. Blaze Fielding (Streets of Rage Series)

Here’s another babe who can kick butt. Ever since Streets of Rage came out on the Sega Genesis (or MegaDrive) Blaze was the main character I picked. I love the new look of Blaze in Streets of Rage 4. The designers updated her look, yet Blaze still keeps her retro look which many of her fans loved.

8. Laura Croft (Tomb Raider Series)

Laura Croft has it all: a beautiful athletic body, can use weapons, and (depending on which version of her is being protrayed) a beautiful British accent. There really isn’t much more to say about this classic babe.

7. Sophitia (Soul Calibur Series)

I’ve always loved Sophitia. Sophitia has a very gentle and sweet personality which is very attractive. Also, she is determined to protect her loved ones. This is very admirable traits and adds to the beauty of her character.

6. Kunimitsu II (Tekken 7)

Kunimitsu II is the daughter of the original Kunimitsu. This version of Kunimitsu looks beautiful. I love her eyes and also how the designers made Kunimitsu II an update to the original Kunimitsu. I would have placed Kunimitsu II higher in my list if it wasn’t for the next character:

5. Urbosa (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

Urbosa is an awesome character in the Legend of Zelda series. I love how the designers made her muscular and beautiful at the same time. This youtube video instantly made me a huge fan of Urbosa and hopefully there will be more of her in a future Zelda game.

4. Ayane (Dead or Alive Series)

This was a really tough one. Practically, any one of the Dead or Alive females could be in this list (they’ll all beautiful). I choose Ayane because I’ve been a huge fan of her ever since the first Dead or Alive game. Those red eyes and that beautiful purple hair..sigh… Also, Ayane’s fighting style consists of spinning attacks which can confuse the heck out of her opponents. I also love her various outfits and costumes.

3. Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters, Art of Fighting Series)

I’ve been a fan of Mai ever since she was in Fatal Fury 2. Mai is a major hot babe. From her outfits to her fighting style, Mai has been a fan favorite (including myself) for years. I wish Mai had an interest in me as much as she likes Andy Bogard (^_^)’

2. Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy 7, Remake, and a few other spinoff games)

Now I’m starting to get into waifu territory. Tifa has been in numerous lists as one of the hottest video game babes of all times and it shouldn’t be no surprise that she ranks so high in this list. Tifa has the perfect girlfriend/wife material: she has a beautiful body, lovable personality, can kick butt, and is a major character in the Final Fantasy 7 and Remake game. She was also a childhood friend of Cloud which makes me kind of jealous (lol). I wish I had a childhood friend which grew up to be this beautiful (sigh…).

1. Chun-Li (Street Fighter and countless other fighting games series)

Here is the first lady of fighting games and my no.1 crush of all times. I have loved this character ever since I first saw her in the (at the time) local arcade in the mall as a child. Everything about Chun-Li makes her top waifu material. She has nice muscular thighs (I love beautiful thighs 🙂 ), kicks butt, and has a very cute face (minus the f*** up capcom did in Marvel vs Capcom infinite). Even in the latest version of Street Fighter (Street Fighter V), Chun-Li still looks amazing. Chun-Li fan for live 🙂

Here are my top 10 video games of all times. What are your favorites? Post in the comment section below (^_^)