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Anime Character Of The Week September 18,2022

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Skuld (Oh My Goddess!!)

The anime character of this week is Skuld from the Oh My Goddess (Aa! Megami-sama or Ah!! My Goddess) anime and manga series. This is the little sister of Belldandy and Urd. Skuld’s personality is at first very bratty and immature. The reason why Skuld’s is so bratty at first is because, she cares a lot for Belldandy and hates that her older sister made a contract with Keiichi Morisato to be his girlfriend forever. However, over the series, Skuld slowly develops a friendship with Keiichi once she learns how nice and caring he is to Belldandy. Skuld is also a genius with a knack for electronics and building things. She built a robot called Banpei which is the bodyguard of the temple and Belldandy’s personal protector. Personally, Skuld is probably the most dynamic main character from the Oh My Goddess series. I highly recommend watching and reading this classic anime and manga series. Here is a fandom link for more about Skuld:

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