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Anime Character Of The Week August 6,2022

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Marin Kitagawa (My Dress Up Darling)

The anime character of the week is none other than Marin Kitagawa from the anime and manga series, My Dress Up Darling. Marin is considered by many (including myself) to be the anime waifu of the year, if not, of all times. What makes her unique is that, from her outside appearance, she looks like a typical high school girl. However, hidden behind her outer appearance is a dedicated otaku and avid cosplayer. Also, what is fascinating about Marin is that her flaws, like being somewhat clumsy and sometimes making bad decisions (often with hilarious results), makes her even more attractive. Marin is definitely one of the newest anime waifu’s of 2022 and should be on anyone’s list of top 10 anime waifus of all times. Here is more info about this beloved character:

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The otaku black guy is a lifelong otaku who has experienced all sorts of anime and sci fi geekdom. He is also a cosplay photographer, figure collector, and a major geek.

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