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Anime Character Of The Week August 21,2022

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From left to right: A-KO and C-KO

This weeks anime character is A-KO from one of my favorite anime series from the past, Project A-KO. The first of four movies came out back in 1986. The story from the first movie is about A-KO just trying to live a “normal” high school life with her best friend C-KO. However, A-KO is not your ordinary high schooler. She has extraordinary strength and speed, and is constantly trying to make it to school on time with the speed of the road runner from Looney Tunes. Also, another student called B-KO has eyes for C-KO and constantly sets up A-KO with traps (like mechas and even other students. Wait until you see Mari!!).

(Here’s B-KO. She’s the daughter of a wealthy family and is constantly fighting with A-KO to get C-KO’s affections and friendship).

To add to the craziness of this movie, there is also an alien invasion. Without giving away too much, the aliens are very unusual and there are some absolutely hilarious moments involving the aliens. In summary, if you haven’t seen Project A-KO, definitely check this movie out. This is one of the classic anime series that was aired a lot on the old Syfy channel on their anime lineup. Also, just recently, this movie just got a Blu-Ray release with a ton of extras. You can buy the Blu Ray version here.

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